What is Intercompany Solutions- Intercompany Solutions became official at 2013, this is a business which has assisted hundreds of clients, from over fifty countries so as to set up their own company in the Netherlands. They promise that the satisfaction of their clients for all of the services which they have to provide.

Getting To Know Intercompany Solutions- The knowledge which Intercompany Solutions possesses has increased, in large part due to the experience they have with international entrepreneurs, expertise that has enabled Intercompany Solutions to modify their operation. They modified their operation so as to guarantee successful installation of their customers business. They provide a total package for starting a Dutch business such as; assisting with local regulations, bookkeeping and helping with application for issue of a VAT number. Intercompany Solutions also helps their customers in starting a bank account for a individual that isn’t a native of the country. They also provide a premium package for secretarial support.

Why The Netherlands- All over the globe the Netherlands is well-known for the rewarding environment it provides to entrepreneurs which are seeking to open a company. For starters the corporate tax rate is among the lowest priced in Europe at only twenty percent. The Netherlands possesses the highest number of treaties from the installation of double taxation avoidance. There is an outstanding atmosphere for international business. This is a country that is welcoming to foreign entrepreneurs as well as investors. Due to both the politics in addition to legislation in addition to their excellent international relations, the Netherlands entices international businesses from all sectors. And those are just a few of the reasons that the environment in the Netherlands is profitable for entrepreneurs throughout the globe seeking to start a business. More Info: click here to read.